Monday, March 19, 2012


It's Monday again darlings!
Hope you are having an amazing MANIC MONDAY!
It's that day of the week where everyone is trying to get back into "work-mode" and for those that don't have work, I envy you!
On Mondays, I'd like to share some of my favorite things that are making me smile!
 "Oscar [De La Renta] often says that his inspiration is the anonymous girl on the street"
Photo taken by Arthur Elgort
I DEFINITELY agree! I think street style has become so inspirational today.
I find myself analyzing every one's outfits *in a non stalkerish way, of course*.
Miranda Kerr is a TRUE style icon to me.
I have to admit, I have a secret celebrity crush on her.
Love her ankle boots, bag, leggings, white button up, & denim jacket.
A true fashionista!
Are you completely breathless?
A good friend of mine told me about this hotel in Santorini, Greece and I just died!
It is called CSky Hotel and I have made it my mission to visit this place.
Click on the below link to check it out:
Maybe, we can all meet there!
Photos courtesy of 1, 2, 3

Every girl needs a classic white button up shirt in her closet.
Classic with a TWIST is my style.
I saw this white cut out blouse and immediately fell in love.
It's a must HAVE piece and needs to be in my closet ASAP.
I've spent countless hours on the Internet looking for the PERFECT shirt and can't find anything close to this.
Fellow bloggers, if you've seen a shirt that looks like this, please let me know where and if they ship to the U.S.
P.S  I will love you forever!

XoXo Lil


I can't stress enough how much each and every one means to me!
Stay Beautiful.
Xoxo Lil

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