Friday, July 7, 2017

Denver Diaries

I have always been the one to plan trips for my family and friends. I’m in charge of the itinerary and there is never a question of where to go, what to pack or what to do once we get to our destination. But this time around, I did something totally new. This past weekend, I opened myself up to new experiences by partnering with Marshalls to depart on a surprise trip to Denver, Colorado. However, we had no idea where the destination was until we arrived at the airport, which made it even more exciting! I’ve been a Marshalls shopper ever since I was a little girl when- my mom would take me about twice a week. What I loved most about their stores then is still what I love most now – there are surprises in every section of every store. I might not always know what I am going to find, but I know I’ll always find amazing things that I love.
With this in mind, and in the spirit of Choosing Surprise, I went shopping at Marshalls armed with only a weather report and suggested packing list for my unknown destination, packed up my suitcase, went to the airport, and let surprise take over. From the moment I said yes to this surprise trip, I felt more open about embracing the new experiences that were ahead of me. Thanks to Marshalls, I learned how valuable and eye opening it can be to break away from your daily routine (and your typical style!) and have some fun! An amazing weekend of new experiences in Denver lay ahead of me, and thanks to Marshalls, I learned how valuable and eye opening it can be to break away from your daily routine (and your typical style!).

From Red Rocks to white water rafting, a food tour and exploring Denver in between, my trip was certainly filled with excitement and out of the ordinary activities! While I live for the experiences travel brings, I always like to prepare in advance and curate looks depending on the destination. For this adventure, Marshalls encouraged me to shop for unexpected items and outfits (with just a weather report to go off of) to get me ready for an adventure of a lifetime, which was definitely out of my comfort zone! Shopping for these new clothes before the destination reveal was just the push I needed to be more open for this fun- filled adventure. As I was shopping for my outfits, I visited multiple Marshalls locations because the element of surprise in each store made the experience even more exciting. I discovered different athleticwear, accessories and fashionable pieces at each location.

One of the best parts? Marshalls teamed up with Pack Up +& Go, a travel agency that specializes in surprise travel. Together, they had a full itinerary and travel accommodations prepared for the entire weekend, which kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Time for the best part – all of the trip details and looks along the way! Drum roll please…

Two days before our trip, I received an envelope with our destination sealed away inside. It was not only one of the hardest tasks to keep myself from opening it but the thrill of the “unknown” made this surprise trip even more exciting. Upon arriving to the airport, I discovered that we would be spending the weekend in Colorado and I, immediately, shrieked from excitement. As I continued to open the envelope, there was an itinerary for the entire trip filled with planned activities as well as various recommendations. Upon boarding the plane, I not only felt eternal gratitude but knew that this trip was going to be a life changing experience that I would remember forever.
As we arrived in Denver, we stayed at the Crawford Hotel in Union Station. If you have a chance to visit Denver, I highly recommend either staying or stopping by to visit this hotel. From its history, to the amazing accommodations, and beautiful aesthetic, it’s definitely one of my favorite hotels I‘ve visited thus far.

I must admit, packing for a surprise trip was undeniably one of the best and exciting experiences and shopping at Marshalls allowed me to bring my vision to life. I not only shopped for fashionable tops and bottoms to style for evening dinners and morning coffee runs but I had ensembles ready to go for all the activities planned.

I opted for colorful outfits to explore the city in, along with comfortable shoes for all our sightseeing. Espadrilles are definitely a favorite and I had discovered a chic, neutral pair that I knew would complete my looks and be comfy while still being fashionable. I wanted to keep the looks trendy, so I paired this gorgeous pop of red ruffled top with classic black sunglasses to keep the look chic and polished.

I knew this surprise destination was going to push my fashion boundaries so I also brought along various active wear that would keep me comfortable yet appropriate for the hiking trail that was on our list for the trip.

As we embarked on our hiking journey through the Red Rocks, I opted for black and white marled sneakers along with a matching sports bra. Since it was a sunrise hike, I kept myself warm with a long sleeve active jacket as well as black leggings with fashionable sheer cut outs.

The ultimate city girl had found herself amongst nature watching deer pass by and valuing the life lesson that everything comes full circle. As we spent the entire morning in the wilderness, I reflected on how Marshalls had really encouraged me to shake things up and break me out of my everyday routine. The element of choosing surprise resonated with me and not only applied to shopping at Marshalls but also carried over into this trip, I never could have predicted that choosing to infuse surprise into my life would lead me here but I’m so happy it did!
I know that we can all get comfortable in our predictable routines and find it hard to open ourselves up to new adventures. Some of us are comfortable with our style and afraid to experiment with new trends and styling details. Choosing to surprise yourself can lead to great things, and that’s why I’m thankful to Marshalls for partnering with me and allowing me to encourage all of you to do the same.

As we hiked through Red Rocks and white water rafted through Clear Creek, I was so happy I packed the right ensembles for each activity and had so much fun.

For our last day, I kept my outfit causal chic for our Food Tour of Denver. I opted for a white shirt dress with lace up flats and bold sunglasses. From eating ribs, to different kinds of cheeses and desserts, we learned more about Denver and its history.

I couldn’t be more blessed and grateful for this amazing trip and for Marshalls encouraging me to step out of my daily routine this past weekend. Life is all about the unexpected and having fun! This surprise trip to Denver, Colorado really showed me how fun and valuable it is to shake things up and that’s what style is all about!


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