Monday, January 30, 2017

Ways To Wake Up Happier

Whether you are a morning person or not, waking up is usually a struggle that mostly consists of an extra shot of espresso, tons of coffee, and your snooze button. We all have a daily routine that gets us out of the house but does it necessarily motivate you to conquer the day? If you're anything like me, your morning routine can affect how you feel for the rest of the day and it sets the mood for everything you plan to accomplish.

I consider Mondays motivational because not only is it the beginning of a new week but having the right mind set can get you excited for what's to come. I definitely can relate when we all say "the struggle is real" so I wanted to share my top tips on how to make your mornings as exciting as possible. 

My mom would always joke that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed when I was not joyful in the mornings. As I share my tips, I can't help but to laugh and share my top tips on how to make us all feel happy, relaxed so we can wake up on the right side of the bed every morning. 

Don't Hit Snooze. 
The most infamous morning routine - I am guilty of it and almost all of us are. Try your best to stay away from the snooze button! Believe it or not, pressing snooze will only leave you feeling groggier and more tired. Give yourself enough time to get up when your first alarm sounds.

Eat Breakfast.
What did you eat as you left your house this morning? If we are being completely honest, I ate a granola bar as I rushed out of the house and packed my breakfast to go. This is what we should all avoid. Give yourself enough time in the morning to make sure to eat a nice breakfast without rushing. Indulging in a healthy breakfast can instantly make you more energetic and awake. 

Drink a Glass of Water.
As you wake up, kick start your morning with a large glass of water. You can prepare yourself by leaving a bottle by your nightstand as an easy reminder. Drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up help replenish the fluid in your body that it loses overnight; leaving you energized and refreshed. 

Stretch Your Muscles.
A great way to release endorphins and feel less stressed is by getting blood flowing throughout the body by stretching in the mornings. A good stretch will start your day off feeling productive and positive. 

Wake Up Half An Hour Earlier.
Waking up 30 min earlier than your usual routine can make the biggest difference to your day. This will allow you to not only eat a healthy breakfast but plenty of time to get ready and enjoy your morning. You will wake up happier and less stressed. Give it a try and you will see that you will soon be doing a little something you enjoy before your day starts.

Prepare The Night Before.
Take 10 minutes of your time before you sleep to prepare as much as possible for the morning of. Whether it's your car keys and wallet, you don't want to rush out of the house forgetting anything and feeling more flustered. Having your purse ready in the morning will eliminate the stress of looking for your work notes and give you time to enjoy your breakfast at ease.

I hope you enjoy these tips! I have some exciting news I can't wait to share with you all. I am re-working a few things as well as launching a thing or two so please bear with me as I try to transition from one platform to another.



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