Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Choose Surprise in Life & Shopping

Life is full of surprises and sometimes it’s an unpredictable moment that makes life more exciting! We all have our predictable routines, a recognizable style aesthetic and certain habits that define who we are. But we all have the power to step out of our comfort zones and try something new!

Over the years, I have always been the one to plan our family trips and all of my adventures with friends and loved ones. With an itinerary in mind, it’s on a rare occasion that I have not known what to pack, where to go, and how to dress for the location. But for my next adventure I’m partnering with Marshalls to choose surprise and try something totally new. They are sending me on a surprise trip this weekend via Pack Up + Go to a mystery location. That’s right! I’ll have no idea where I am headed until I actually get to the airport. How’s that for breaking up a predictable routine?! I couldn’t be more excited to find out where I’m going, but also the beauty of this partnership is that it’s reminded me that sometimes life brings you full circle to a place you have been before to show you how much you’ve grown. Growing up, my mom and I would step into a Marshalls twice a week and we never knew what gems we were going to find – but we always found things we absolutely loved. We would experience surprise each time we walked into the store and I’m excited to now open myself up to some new experiences with a retailer I grew up with.

I was given just enough information to know how to pack. When selecting merchandise, I was also encouraged to break away from my typical denim and white button up aesthetic and choose surprise.  Since I won’t know exactly where I am going until the day of, I had to prepare for a surprise vacation and pack merchandise I never expected. The beauty of walking into Marshalls is that is has high quality products and designer merchandise. You never know what great things you are going to find – but you know you’re going to love it! The theme for what I had to shop for was fitness, exercise, and active activities. It was an exciting challenge for me to look for new styles that are typically out of my regular routine and this opportunity reminded me how much fun it can be and what amazing things can happen when you surprise yourself in life, travel and shopping!

To prep for my surprise trip, I headed to my local Marshalls store. Marshalls provided me with a weather report for my destination and a packing list to give me just enough guidance so that I’ll be sure to have everything I need. Shopping for a trip when you don’t know where you’re headed added another layer to my excitement! And I found some amazing stuff that I can’t wait to wear and use during my travels. Since packing for a weekend of surprise can be a bit of a challenge, I’ve put together a list of my top packing tips.

Make a List

When I write it out, I always make sure I have everything I need and I am able to cover my bases. I tend to forget the little things, such as sleeping masks, and end up having to buy a new pair every time I travel. Write a list out ahead of time and cross it off as you pack them away in your luggage.

Use Transparent pouches for Separation

For me, remembering to pack shoes and outfits is the easy part. It’s always the little details like beauty products, tech items and accessories that make me more anxious when packing. I love using transparent clutches for my sunglasses, nail polish, sun care and so much more. Different pouches keep everything separated and I can see exactly what I need since they are transparent.

Roll It Up

If I am bringing a hat, I will always stuff a knit top or roll a clothing item up in the body to keep the shape. If you are packing denim, you can also roll it up to save space in your luggage.

Make it Cohesive

Since I don’t know where I am headed, I am sticking to a cohesive color scheme. With an itinerary that is going to be a surprise, I want to have the flexibility to mix and match my outfits and also have comfortable shoes that match back. Limit yourself to only 2-3 pairs of shoes.

Separate liquids from tech items

I always keep my tech items in a carry on tote or bag. You never know when you are going to need your memory card, laptop charger and it’s always more convenient if you have more time than anticipated.
And now we’re off! Stay tuned and make sure to follow along to see where I am headed. I will be sure to cover it here when I am back!


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