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How I found “The One”: Things to know when choosing your dream Wedding Dress

I can’t believe I’m inching closer to the BIG DAY and waiting anxiously to share my dress with you all! When I said “YES TO THE DRESS”, I was in tears from excitement and couldn’t be more confident with my decision. Whether you have always known the exact details of what your future dress entails or never thought about it until you got engaged, finding your dream gown can be stressful. It’s probably one of the most expensive pieces you will own and a dress you have never tried on before. 

Your dress sets the entire tone and mood for the wedding. For example, a beach destination theme is very different than a ballroom celebration. You want to make sure you find a dress that reflects your personality and style that you will not only love today but when you look back 30 years from now. I’m sharing my experience with you all and my top five tips that I found helpful when shopping for your dream wedding dress.
Since I am located in Los Angeles, I started browsing dresses at local bridal salons to narrow down what styles I liked but I wasn’t finding a dress that I loved. Having a design background made it more challenging when it came to aesthetic because I found myself wanting to alter various design details. I tried on dresses out of my comfort zone and dresses that I thought were the one but didn’t work out. As I received the great news and became one of The Knot magazine’s ambassadors for 2019, I decided to use my next upcoming trip to New York as an opportunity to visit the infamous Kleinfeld store. Kleinfeld is known for its outstanding service, amazing selection of gowns and the infamous “Say Yes to the Dress” TV show, which I love!

When I first walked through their doors, it was magical. I wanted to go to Kleinfeld with my mom, my maid of honor, and my fiancé’s mom. I knew it was going to be a once in a lifetime experience so I wanted to take the people closest with me to share the memory together. I had already selected a few pieces in mind and fell in love with Tony Ward’s collection the most. We tried on multiple silhouettes and I trusted my consultation to bring out the best choices based on my preferences as we looked around. With over 30,000 sq. ft of magical wedding bliss, having a consultant with great experience is key to help you narrow down options; whether you’re looking for elegant and tulle or lace and bling. 

The last dress I tried on was “THE ONE”. Without revealing too much before the big day, my mom and I flew back a month later to meet Tony Ward himself to chat about the dress. I left feeling confident in my decision and anxious to see it months later at my first fitting. Five days of expedited fittings, two weeks of hand sewn materials - it has all come together.  I can’t wait to share with you guys!

I have broken down my top five tips below but wanted to share my main one before hand. Have the best time ever - this is a once in a lifetime experience and you want to look back and remember how much fun you had! 


When I started browsing, I found myself saving dresses that all had a cohesive theme so I made sure to take those ideas to my first appointment. That helps the staff pull out dresses based on your favorites. Start saving photos on your phone, browse through wedding magazines and photographers, and that will lead you to compiling a visual of what kind of dresses you like. 


When my friends and family first told me, I wasn’t quite sure how but being open minded is key - BUT, it’s so important! It’s very common to go in with a set idea of what you like and walk out with something completely different. The bridal consultants will bring options that may be out of your comfort zone but have fun with it and try them out because it may become your dream dress. Tip: Stay true to what you love. 


Many wedding gowns take six to eight months to be  produced, not including the time needed for alterations. You want to make sure you have enough time to see that current seasons gown as well as ask when their next collection is launching. Tip: When you find a designer you like, do research on when their next trunk show is for you to see the entire line at once. 


It’s important to talk numbers - even though it’s an uncomfortable situation. If someone else from your family or the groom is purchasing the dress, you want to know what their budget is to stay within it or know how much more you have to pay for. It’s great to know because it helps the bridal consultants bring dresses that are affordable within your budget avoiding heartache.


Most bridal salons don’t display all of their dresses. When I would show my consultant at Kleinfeld what I liked, she would have to browse through on her own because they have so many options. 
Make an appointment and have photos ready to make sure you use your time efficiently when shopping. Call ahead to also check if the store has your designer or style in mind to make sure before making a visit. 

AH! - such an exciting time! Please share with me any tips you found helpful and can’t wait to share more on this journey with you all!



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