Friday, August 17, 2018

Affordable Wellness & Beauty

Ahhh wellness and beauty, I am most definitely in love with you. As I have gotten older, I have become uber obsessed with wellness and beauty. Whether its hair care or a new skin care product, I make an effort to prioritize taking care of it. I am constantly reading reviews, asking dermatologist and trying new products. When my hair looks great, I instantly feel more confident. I notice when I am taking care of my skin, it’s a big confidence boost.
With so much research and constantly trying new products, I enjoy sharing my findings and what I like with you so much. I also know that price tags can often times be alarming and it’s important to me to find affordable products that don’t jeopardize quality. Romel once told me, “the key to a great product is great quality at a great price”! 
When I think of drugstore brands, I immediately think about Rite-Aid. I grew up with one nearby and I would always shop for the next best shampoo as I started to fall in love with hair care more in my teenage years. They always offer great prices on quality hair care, skin and body products. For me, hair care is top priority. I am always on the hunt for the best shampoos and conditioners that not only moisturize my hair but also leave it looking shiny and radiant. Pantene is one of my favorite products and this week they are priced at $3.99 with an offer of “buy one get one 50% off”. This is a steal -(running to Rite Aid as you are reading this) !  
Without further adieu, let’s jump right into skincare. The new Olay Regenerist has a heavenly formula that’s a one-stop-shop. It has a watery texture that absorbs into my skin instantly leaving it feel luminous with a velvety finish. I have been putting it to the test for the past week and I am loving it! Hydration is key for me in skincare! However, most moisturizers tend to leave a greasy residue and only sit on the top layer of your skin. The Olay Regenerist soaks into my skin like a sponge and also leaves a smooth canvas for makeup application instantly. Make sure you get your hands on one and try it before it sells out! 
What are some of your favorite drug store brands and products? I would love to know!

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