Monday, December 7, 2015

Acessories First

This post is sponsored by Target.

If there is anything I love more than clothing, its accessories. Not only do accessories complete one’s outfit but for me, they define my style and personality. The perfect bag and shoe can transform any outfit to chic in an instant. Jewelry is also a big statement piece! If you’re an accessories fan or not, rethink your style by thinking of the accessories as your main inspiration.

This holiday season, Target and I want to help you style your outfit by starting with your accessories first. I wanted to share a Holiday Fashion video that reflect multiple looks styled around one accessory.
(Insert video)

I have been very minimalistic lately and investing in collectible pieces. I like the idea of being able to purchase a staple blouse appropriate for all seasons. Accessories is where I like to have fun and explore with new trends. I chose a turquoise necklace and paired it with two different handbags. I kept my shoes nude because a patent pump is a classic shoe that can be worn in many ways.

Whether it’s a fur scarf, printed bag, or a cellphone case, don’t be afraid to have fun with your winter outfit! 

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  1. LOVE the fringe chic! You look stunning. xx


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