Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Target Beauty Box

This post is sponsored by Target.
I’ve been really into beauty products lately and love trying new brands to find out how to update my beauty regime. When asked to be a part of Target’s campaign for their Spring Beauty Box, I squealed from excitement! Who doesn’t love Target? It’s definitely my go-to stop at least twice a week and when I find myself looking only for makeup wipes, I end up browsing each aisle for ten minutes.
With so many beauty products out there, Target has nailed the most efficient and easy way to try them all. The Beauty Box offers a variety of makeup, hair and skin care samples. I am always looking for ways to update my makeup and hair and, of course, keep my skin looking youthful. With this box, you’re able to not only try new brands and products, but discover new tips and tricks on how to update your look as well. The trick is in finding the right product for you and there are so many to choose from! Always read the label and don’t be afraid to test them out and have fun.

I will be creating a look within the next two weeks using products from the Beauty Box. I am excited to try the products and see how I can recreate one of my favorite beauty trends. With that being said, here is a breakdown of each item!

I can never leave my house without a bold lip color! This saturated lip color has a great shine and delivers a smooth and polished application. It’s not only moisturizing but it has a little bit of shimmer and sparkle since it’s a gloss. Adding a bold lip to any look can brighten up your outfit and also transform your outfit from day to night in an instant!

It’s a task in itself to apply foundation and makeup, but to have it last all day is a constant struggle amongst most of us. A makeup setting spray is always a must in the end! A quick finishing spray can extend your applied makeup to make it last longer. This Pro-Spray provides a freshness and it does not crack. A quick mist leaves it vibrant and looking fresh!

For all of you dry skin ladies, raise your hand! (I know that includes me!) I have an oily T-zone but the rest of my face is always dry and I have been looking for the perfect gel-cream to instantly hydrate my skin without making it feel greasy or oily. This Hydro Boost acts like a sponge and moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

So far, does anyone else agree that everything in this Beauty Box is a must-have? A good makeup day is never complete without a great hair day! I style my hair often and an extra hold hairspray has grown to become my best friend. This TRESemme Hairspray is non-flaking and has the perfect amount of hold and texture.

After we applied all of that product both to our hair and face, it’s natural to renew them and bring life back to our skin and hair elasticity. This is a great antioxidant-rich shampoo that helps rejuvenate, revive, and hydrate hair without the buildup.

These five tailored-to-you beauty samples come in a springtime-ready box and are the perfect items tailored to your everyday needs!

Find your style @Targetstyle.

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