Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Arm parties are a basic necessity.
One of my favorite graphic tees.
These studded Zara babies are my favorite.
Addicted to nail polish colors.
I was recently lucky to be featured on ModaMob.
To check out the full interview and AOL video, click the below link:
Macaroons. The key to my heart.
As most of you all know, I’m Armenian and my culture is something I’m very proud of. 98 years ago the Armenian genocide took place, until today the Turkish government still denies the fact that there ever was a genocide. 1.5 million innocent people lost their lives in this tragedy. We still fight as Armenians to get Turkey to admit to the genocide.

The beauty of L.A.
Words of wisdom.
My makeup and hair for a wedding.

Instagram always feels more personal and always fun to update.
Just thought I should share some of my most recent snapshots.
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I can't stress enough how much each and every one means to me!
Stay Beautiful.
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